HEMS 9388 2022

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United States, H.E. Mahinda Samarasinghe, has received accreditation from the Government of Mexico as Ambassador to Mexico, resident in Washington DC. The accreditation is effective from 05 July 2022. Ambassador Samarasinghe has the highest expectations of growing the existing close relationship to encompass many areas of mutual cooperation, across the spectrum of the bilateral friendship. There are many opportunities for Sri Lanka and Mexico to enhance ties including in economic, trade and commercial, environmental, political and cultural spheres. Mexico is considered to be among the 15 largest economies in the world with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over USD 1.2 trillion with its real GDP per capita estimated at over USD 10,200. It is the 2nd largest economy in Latin America and holds great potential for increased bilateral trade which we hope to explore. Sri Lanka’s exports to Mexico in 2021 have shown a positive trend with total exports at nearly USD 205 million. Mexico was the 17th largest export market for Sri Lanka with a share of 1.37% in 2020. The Ambassador looks forward to constructively engaging with the Government of Mexico with a view to maximizing the positive benefits of trade and other engagement for the two countries.