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With the environmental experts in the "Pan US Overseas Sri Lanka Network, the Embassy organized in collaboration with the Ministry of the environment of Sri Lanka, a virtual meeting on 26 March 2021. 

The main objective of the discussion was to explore how collaboration can be established to support Sri Lanka in carrying out climate change-related activities, as well as sharing knowledge and experience of Sri Lankans especially in the field of Climate Change & the Environment in the United States. Officials from the Climate Change Division, Environment professionals from the different states from the US.  

Ambassador Aryasinha addressing the virtual meeting explained the intention of this meeting is to bring together the Sri Lankan rich talented in the United States who are interested in the environment, identified via the Pan US Overseas Sri Lankan Network in terms of promoting Sri Lankan interests to collaborate with Sri Lankan officials to enhance the Environmental and Climate Change. 

Dr. R.D.S. Jayathunga, Additional Secretary, Climate Change Secretariat, and staff of the relevant desk participated. Professionals and industry experts from states of Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Virginia, Utah, Maryland, Hawaii, South Dakota, Iowa, Louisiana, Idaho, Texas, and Michigan shared their knowledge and experiences in various fields of environment, made suggestions on expanding the mechanism to provide their fullest support especially in areas of Sea Level Rise, Data Management & Air Pollution. And also, their commitment to future cooperation and assistance in an individual capacity to promote Sri Lanka‚Äôs interest in climate change and environment-related matters. 

Embassy of Sri Lanka

Washington DC

28 March 2021