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Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the US Ravinatha Aryasinha, during a farewell call via zoom on 7 September with Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for South Asia at the National Security Council Sumona Guha, thanked the US Government for the support extended towards Sri Lanka during the COVID crisis, particularly in the donation of vaccines. Emphasizing the multifaceted nature of the US-Sri Lanka relationship, the Ambassador said the two countries continue to have strong cooperation, particularly in the spheres of trade, strategic security and counter terrorism. 

Ambassador Aryasinha also appreciated the support received from officials at the National Security Council (NSC), the State Department and other Departments and Agencies of the US, during his tenure in Washington D.C.

On 10 September at a farewell meeting with Mr. Ervin Massinga, Senior Advisor, South and Central Asian Affairs of the State Department, the Ambassador also conveyed Sri Lanka’s views on the HRC-related matters, in view of the forthcoming oral update by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights during the 48th Session of the HRC. The Ambassador briefed Mr. Massinga on initiatives taken and domestic mechanisms instituted by the Government to address the concerns on accountability and reconciliation, and detailed the work related to the CoI to investigate, inquire, report or recommend necessary action on deliverable measures on preceding Human Rights Commissions and Committees; the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA); and developments with regard to Office on Missing Persons, Office on Disappearances, Office on Reparations, Office for National Unity and Reconciliation, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka; Engagement with a broad range of civil society on their concerns over human rights.

The Special Assistant to the President, and the Senior Advisor of the State Department appreciated the continuous dialogue maintained by the Ambassador, and said his previous experiences had been particularly useful in understating Sri Lanka’s perspective on some of the pressing issues.

Embassy of Sri Lanka

Washington DC

12 September 2021