oslasl 01082021

Addressing the ‘Core Group’ of the Embassy led Pan US Overseas Sri Lankans (OSL) Network - Mid Year Review, at a meeting held via zoom last Sunday (1 August 2021), Sri Lanka's Ambassador to the USA Ravinatha Aryasinha commended the tangible contributions made by Network members towards the Embassy efforts - in political advocacy, economic empowerment, socio-cultural engagement, as well as in bringing unity within the SL community and reaching out to 'Friends of Sri Lanka'.

Sri Lanka’s Consul General/Los Angeles Dr. Lalith Chandradasa provided an update of activities carried out in the region, while Senior Staff members of the Washington Embassy led the discussions relating to their respective areas of activity.

The Embassy launched the Pan US Overseas Sri Lankans (OSL) Network on 31 January 2021, with the aim of supporting OSL activities and leveraging their support towards Embassy efforts at realizing the interests of Sri Lanka in the US. Since then, the Mission has led over 35 meetings with the ‘State Cluster’ based ‘Nodal Points’, OSL groupings within States/Clusters of States and ‘Interest Clusters’, as well as connecting OSL ‘Interest Clusters’ with Sri Lanka based prominent Economic and Socio-Cultural bodies, to identify and operationalize action in priority areas aimed at strengthening Sri Lanka-US Relations.