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The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington DC organized an Iftar celebration on 10 May 2021 at the official residence. Attended by a representative group of the Sri Lankan Muslim community resident in the Greater Washington area, it commemorated the Holy month of Ramadan - the most important event in the Islamic calendar.

Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha in opening remarks said, events such as the Iftar celebration respects one of the important religions practiced in Sri Lanka, and also re-affirms the multi-ethnicity and religious diversity in our island nation. He noted that the hosting of commemorative events at the Embassy for each of the 4 religions practiced by Sri Lankans, ensures that the Embassy is viewed as an inclusive institution, which caters to the cultural, social and religious needs of all Sri Lankans.

Community leader Mr. Rizwan Mowlana, thanked the Ambassador for the invitation extended to the Muslim community to join the event. He extended prayers and best wishes to the government and the people of Sri Lanka.    

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Mohamed Vazir Muhsin, Chairman of the Islamic Community Mosque in Potomac, expressed the appreciation of the Muslim community in the Greater Washington area to the Embassy, for reviving the practice of celebration of all 4 great religions in Sri Lanka.

Senior journalist Aziz Haniffa who also elaborated of the significance of this period to Muslims the world over, said it provided an opportunity to renew bonds of friendship across religion. He recalled that the Muslims of Sri Lanka joined in the festivities of other religions, while those of other religions feasted together with the Muslims during the month of Ramdan.

The Adhan, Islamic prayer was conducted by Mr. Seted Adil Mowlana.

This was followed by the Iftar dinner which included Sri Lankan cuisine.

Embassy of Sri Lanka

Washington D.C

12 May 2021

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