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Following reports on the misuse of the image of the Sri Lanka national flag in floor mats/non-slip doormats, the Embassy on Friday took action to inform the Amazon Head office in Seattle, Washington, USA that the Government of Sri Lanka strongly protests their use of the image of the national flag for commercial/decorative purposes. It was noted that this was also a violation of the intellectual property rights of the Government of Sri Lanka. 

The Embassy requested the Amazon company to remove the merchandises concerned from e-commerce platforms with immediate effect.  Additionally, the Embassy has taken steps to inform the situation to the US Department of Commerce, Office of the US Trade Representative and the relevant section of the US Department of State.

The Embassy is monitoring developments on this matter, and will take necessary action to engage with the Amazon company and relevant US Government authorities with a view to discontinue the trading of respective products online.

Embassy of Sri Lanka

Washington D.C.

13 March 2021