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Children born outside Sri Lanka to Sri Lankan parents (at least one parent should be a Sri Lankan citizen) needs to be registered at the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DI&E) within one year of birth for the confirmation of the child’s Sri Lankan citizenship. Once the child’s birth has been registered with the DI&E, a certificate for the Registration of Birth (Citizenship Certificate) is issued to the applicant.  If you fail to register the birth of a child with the DI&E within one year; a fine will be imposed.

Applying for Birth Registration and Citizenship Certificate: 

An application for registration of a birth and Citizenship Certificate must be made to a Sri Lanka Overseas Mission in accordance with the Registrar General’s Department requirements:

Application process: 

To register the birth of a child born to Sri Lankan nationals overseas, please provide the following forms. All fields must be completed. Note: Applicant’s signature on each of the forms must be notarized (if applicant will not be submitted in person).

Documents required:

The originals of the following documents must be provided. Note: English translations will not be accepted as originals.

Consular fees: Please consult the Fees and Payment Methods page for details. Processing Time:

Returning documents:

Important Notes: