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The Department of Pension, Colombo by Circular No: 01/2018 dated 20 June 2018 updated procedures on the payment of Pensions to Sri Lankan pensioners resident overseas.

All pensioners residing overseas must furnish their Life Certificates every year,(between 1 December of the previous year and before 31 March of the current year), through the Sri Lanka overseas missions.

Important: Once the Life Certificate(s) are certified by an Authorized Officer of at the Embassy; the certified documents will be forwarded to the Department of Pensions via diplomatic pouch. 

Application process:

You must provide:

Life/Residence Certificate – 2022:

The Life/Residence application form must be:

Identification documents:

Please bring two of the following documents for identity verification.

How to submit your Life Certificate to the Department of Pensions:

Submitting your Life Certificate through the Embassy: 

Consular fees: Please consult the Fees and Methods of Payment page.

Processing Time: up to 30 business days

Returning documents:

Important Notes: