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Fees and Methods of Payment

Note: All fees are subject to change without notice due to currency fluctuation.

Passport Fees:

 Type of Service  Fees
 Passports  US$
 Adult (10 years) - M or N series passport holders  158.00
 Adult (5 Years) - L, K and J series passport holders  373.00
 Child passport (3 years)  129.00
 Lost passport – if copy is available  373.00
 Lost passport – if copy is not available  473.00
 Amendments to the passport  12.00/each
Emergency Travel document (6 months) - if previous travel document is available 54.00
Emergency Travel document (6 months) - if previous travel document is lost 169.00

Visa Fees:

Please click here for up to date Visa fees.

  Type of Service  Fees
 Visas  US$
 Tourist Visa – short-term (less than 30 days)         50.00 
 Tourist Visa – long-term (5 Year multiple entry) 135.00 
 Business Visa – short-term (less than 30 days) 55.00 
 Business Visa – long-term  (less than 90 days) 55.00 
 Transit Visa – if less than 48hours Free 
 Transit Visa – if more than 48hours  
Diplomatic and Official Visas  
Journalist Visa – Less than 30 days  
Journalist Visa – More than 30 days  
Residence “Entry” Visa – after approval from DI&E     50.00 

Consular Fees:

Fees effective 1 January 2023 based on the Gazette Extraordinary No: 2306/35 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (published on 16 November 2022).

 Type of Consular Service  Fees
 Registration of Birth  US$
 Registration and issuance of a Birth Certificate   37.00
 Issuance of a certified copy of a Birth Certificate  22.00
 Surcharge for applications delayed for over more than 1 year  5.00/Year
 Citizenship Certificate  50.00
 Registration of Death  US$
 Registration and issuance of a Death Certificate 22.00
Issuance of a certified copy of a Death Certificate 22.00
Documents relating to burial/cremation of human remains Free
Documents relating to dispatch of human remains Free
Issuance of letter to repatriate human remains or ashes of an Ex-Sri Lankan 30.00
Registration of Marriage US$
Application of a Marriage License under Section 24 (Notice of Marriage) Free
Notice of a Marriage (General/Kandyan) 30.00
Registration and issuance of a Marriage Certificate (General/Kandyan/Muslim) 47.00
Registration of a Marriage under Special License (General/Kandyan) 60.00
Issuance of certified copy of a Marriage Certificate (General/Kandyan/Muslim) 22.00
Attestation, Certification and Authentication (Legalization) of Documents US$
Caveat order      30.00
Attestation of a document as Justice of the Peace 68.00
Swearing or affirming an affidavit 68.00
Administrating an oath or affirmation 68.00
Attestation of Power of Attorney or Proxy 68.00
Issuance of a certified true copy 12.00
Issuance of a “No Objection” Certificate 30.00
Attestation of a document (except exports documents and educational certificates  US$
- If the document belongs to a Sri Lankan national  43.00
- If the document belongs to a foreign national  47.00
Attestation of educational certificate 12.00
Attestation of set of export documents 60.00
Attestation of a Document through E-DAS US$
Submit a document via e-Das (Sri Lankan National) 37.00
Document Attestation via e-Das (Sri Lankan national) 43.00
Submit a document via e-Das (foreign national) 49.00
Document Attestation via e-Das (Foreign National) 47.00
Payment of Pensions to Sri Lankans overseas US$
Submission of Life Certificates to the Department of Pensions Free
Other Documents US$
Issuance of all other letters/certificates (Sri lankan National) 43.00
Translation of Documents US$
For first 100 words (Sri Lankan National) 43.00
For additional 25 words 7.00
For first 100 words (Foreign National) 65.00
For additional 25 words 7.00

Dual Citizenship:

 Type of Service  Fees
 Dual-Citizenship  US$
Application processing fee                          30.00

Police Clearance Certificate:

 Type of Service  Fees
 Police Clearance Certificate  US$
 Application processing fee                               11.00

Repatriation of Sri Lankan Nationals:

  Type of Service  Fees
 Repatriation of Sri Lankan Nationals              US$
 Application processing fee   60.00

Sri Lanka Driver’s License for Sri Lankans living overseas:

  Type of Service  Fees
 Sri Lanka Driver’s License  US$
 Renewal of Driver’s License 115.00 
 Late fee charged per lapsed year 5.00 
 Duplicate of Driver’s License 115.00 
Change of personal details on Driver’s License            115.00

Bringing Pets to Sri Lanka:

  Type of Service  Fees
 Bringing pets to Sri Lanka  SL Rs.
 Stamp fees to be paid on arrival in Sri Lanka  5.00
 Customs fees to be paid on arrival in Sri Lanka – per pet 250.00

Returning Documents:

 Type of Service  Fees
 Returning Documents  US$
 Via FedEx  20.00
 International mailing                                             35.00
Note: Self-addressed envelopes and/or shipping labels are not accepted.

Methods of Payment:

Please use the following payment methods:

  • Money Orders or Certified Checks should be payable to "Embassy of Sri Lanka"
  • Payment by cash is acceptable only if the application is hand delivered to the Consular Section at the Embassy.
  • Payments by bank cards are not accepted by the Consular Section at the Embassy.
  • Personal checks are not accepted by the Consular Section at the Embassy.
  • Online ETA payment must be paid with a valid debit or credit card only.
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