December 14, 2012 at 10:51 pm

Washington DC, December 13, 2012: The Sri Lanka Residence in Washington DC became the venue for a gala reception on Thursday (Dec 12) when Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya hosted the Embassy’s annual year-end reception.

In its 4th year of peace and growing prosperity under the leadership of President His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, the event was a celebration of the country’s success story with over 200 distinguished invitees.

Among those present were senior U.S. government officials of the State Department, Department of Defense, White House, Congress, Department of Commerce and Office of US Trade Representative. Also, delegates from the US Chamber of Commerce, media organizations, INGOs, academia, think tanks and officials of the IMF and World Bank were in attendance.

Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya projected Sri Lanka’s goal of elevating US-Sri Lanka relations to the next level, in the backdrop of the country’s climate of peace and tranquility.

The assembled guests were served cocktails and dinner with special Sri Lankan spicy delights including Pol Rotti and Katta Sambal as they enjoyed the pleasant evening.

01. US Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia Dr. Alyssa Ayres with Ambassador Wickramasuriya (Sri Lanka Residence – Washington, DC)

02. (From left )Senior Military Advisor at US State Department Lt Col. Ahmed E. Nawab, Ambassador Wickramasuriya and Mrs. Wickramasuriya Cdr. Robert Kelly Federal III from the office of Chief of Navel Operations USA, and Sri Lanka Defence, Military Naval & Air Attaché Brig. Dudley Weeraman

03. Former US envoy to Sri Lanka Ambassador Teresita C. Schaffer and Ambassador Howard Schaffer with Ambassador Wickramasuriya and Mrs. Wickramasuriya

04. Ambassador Wickramasuriya speaking with Chiefs of Staff of esteemed members of US House of Representatives. Mr. Brayan Lopp, (left), the Director (International operations & Policy) of Boeing Company is also in the photograph

05. Dr. James Clad of National Defense University, USA with Ambassador Wickramasuriya

06. Prof. John Richardson, Prof. Emeritus American University and former US envoy to Sri Lanka Ambassador Shaun Donnelly with Ambassador Wickramasuriya and Mrs. Wickramasuriya

07. Director South Asia of the US Chamber of Commerce Ms. Esperanza Jelalian with Ambassador Wickramasuriyaand Mrs. Wickramasuriya

08. The New York Times journalist Joan Nathan with Ambassador Wickramasuriya and Mrs. Wickramasuriya

09. Former US envoy to Sri Lanka Ambassador Ashley Wills with Ambassador Wickramasuriya and Mrs. Wickramasuriya

10. Section of the guests at the year-end reception hosted at the Sri Lanka Residence, Washington DC (Dec 12)