The Central Bank of Sri Lanka embarks on extensive local and international Awareness Programme to portray accurate picture of Sri Lankan Economy

April 17, 2013 at 8:32 pm

In the recent times, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has observed an aggressive and well funded misinformation campaign that is being carried out by various groups with dubious agendas, both locally and internationally to tarnish the political image and true economic successes of Sri Lanka. The Central Bank also notes with concern, that if such campaign continues without a counter campaign to correct the misconceptions it may have the potential to create a highly detrimental image for Sri Lanka, and erode the growing confidence of international investors in Sri Lanka.

Since such an outcome would adversely affect the country’s economy and its economic and financial system stability, the Central Bank has embarked upon a robust local and international Awareness Programme to refute such misinformation, and to provide the factual position of the economy and the political environment to all relevant stakeholders.

Towards that objective, the Central Bank has also secured the services of a competent international professional firm to assist in the effort to convey the true and factual position regarding Sri Lanka and its economy, particularly in the USA. Such an endeavour will be particularly significant, since the USA is a major market for Sri Lankan exports, while US investors have made a substantial foreign direct investment and are the leading holders of Sri Lankan bonds.