May 26, 2018 at 11:41 am

As you are aware, heavy pre-monsoon rains in Sri Lanka have caused severe flooding and the threat of landslides. As of today, at least twenty lives have been lost, and 153,712 people (40,017 families) have been affected in 20 districts. The government is evacuating people in low-lying areas. Four main rivers have reached flood level, while four districts are on red alert for possible landslides. Spill gates of many reservoirs have been opened across the island.The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources and Disaster Management together with security forces personnel are engaged in relief work.The people and the government of Sri Lanka are grateful for the concern and support being expressed by Sri Lankan expatriates and the international community, and their desire to assist Sri Lanka at this difficult juncture.Well-wishers living in the United States can contribute to relief operations through the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington D.C. The Embassy accepts cash, cheques and money orders drawn out in favour of the Embassy of Sri Lanka. (Address: Embassy of Sri Lanka, 3025 Whitehaven Street NW, Washington DC 20008.) Contributions will be acknowledged with an official receipt by the Embassy as Contributions to Flood Relief and will be transmitted to the Disaster Relief Account operated by the Ministry of Disaster Management through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alternatively, financial contributions can be sent directly to the National Disaster Relief Service Centre:
Disaster Relief Account No: 7040171
Bank of Ceylon, Torrington Square
Ministry of Disaster Management
Embassy of Sri Lanka
Washington DC
May 26, 2018