In line with the Gazette Extraordinary  No 2057 /35 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka published on February 9, 2018 , the fees with effort from March 1, 2018 that will be charged for the following consular functions are as follows:

Consular Functions

Fees ( US$)

Registration of Birth  
Registration and issuance of  a Birth Certificate  25
Issuance of Certified copy of a Birth Certificate   13
Registration of Death  
Registration and issuance of a  Death Certificate 13
Issuance of a Certified copy of a Death Certificate 13
Registration of Marriage  
Notice of a Marriage (General/Kandyan) 20
Registration and issuance of a  Marriage  Certificate(General/Kandyan/Muslim) 33
Registration of a Marriage  under Special Licence (General/Kandyan) 44
Issuance of certified copy of a Marriage  Certificate (General/Kandyan/Muslim) 13
Application of a Marriage Licence under Section 24 (Notice of Marriage) free of charge
Attestation, Certification and Authentication (Legalization) of Documents  
Caveat order      20
Attestation of a document as Justice of the Peace 50
Swearing or affirming an affidavit 50
Administrating an oath or affirmation 50
Attestation of Power of Attorney or Proxy 50
Issuance of a certified true copy 5
Attestation of a document (except exports documents and educational certificates   
                If the document belongs to a Sri Lankan National                30
                If the document belongs to a Foreign National      33
Attestation of educational certificate      5
Attestation of set of export documents 44
Attestation of a Document through E-DAS  
To Submit a Doument through E-Das & Attestation (Sri Lankan National ) 25 + 30
To Submit a Doument through E-Das & Attestation (Foreign National ) 35 + 35
Other Documents  
All Certificates including life certificates furnished by Sri Lankan pensioners for pension purposes free of charge
Documents relating to burial/cremation of human remains free of charge
Documents relating to dispatch of human remains free of charge
Issuance of all other letters/certificates 30
Translation of Documents  
Translation of a document, first 100 words 30
For every 25 words thereafter   5
The minimum charge of $5 will be levied for any remaining words, even if the word count is less than 25 words. 


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