Application For A Sri Lankan Travel Document (Application for a new Sri Lankan Passport)

July 16, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Note: Read all the intructions before filling the application given at the bottom of this page

  1. A new series of machine readable passports with facility for the digital transfer of photograph and signature of the holder to prevent photograph substitution was introduced, by the Controller of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo from 02 September, 1996.
  2. Application forms for Sri Lankan passports are available at the Embassy and can be obtained by sending a stamped self addressed envelope.
  3. Applications received at the Embassy from Monday through Wednesday are processed and forwarded to the Controller, Immigration & Emigration in Colombo every Friday by diplomatic bag. Applications received after Wednesday will be dispatched the following week.
  4. Passports are issued for a 10 years period. When this period of validity expires, a new passport has to be obtained.
  5. When an application for a new passport is submitted, the previous passport should be furnished along with the passport application. The fee for a new passport is US $ 150.00. If the expired passport is N or M series and renewal of the passport was overdue, an additional late renewal fee of US$ 3.00 per year from the date of expiry of the validity of the passport will be charged.
  6. If the expired passport is L, K, J series the fee for issuance of new passport is US$ 350.00 with effect from 01 April 2010.
  7. An applicant who has lived in the United States for over 5 years as a Permanent Resident should provide a certified copy of his/her valid Permanent Resident Card or a letter from the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BICE) confirming whether or not he/she has acquired US Citizenship.
  8. Fees may be paid by Cash (only if application is hand delivered). The Money Orders or Certified Cheques made in favour of
    Embassy of Sri Lanka“. Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.
  9. If the return of the passport is desired by mail, applicants in the USA may choose one of the following options and make payment together with the application fees.Federal Express – $ 20.00
    US Postal Express mail – $ 18.00
    International mailing fee – $ 35.00

NOTE: All applications for new passports have to be forwarded to the Controller, Immigration & Emigration, the only authority responsible for issuing passports, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka. This process may take approximately 10 to 12 weeks.

Guidelines for Completing the Application form for a new travel document (Form K)

  1. An application for a Sri Lankan passport should be made on Form “K”. It should be filled preferably in BLOCK letters to assist the Embassy to expedite the issuance of the passport.
  2. Applications must be submitted in duplicate and the address in the USA and telephone number should be clearly stated.
  3. When applying for a new passport, please ensure that the following documents are enclosed:a. Form “K” (in duplicate)
    b. Photo/Signature Card (IM35 B) with 3 colour photographs of size 35mm x 45mm or 2″ x 2″ (Clear, Fresh, with open ears and without wearing spectacles)
    c. Declaration Form (Form D-3)
    d. Application for addition/deletion of children’s names where necessary. (Form IM 35C)
    e. Present Sri Lankan passport
    f. Birth Certificate (Original is required)
    g. National Identity Card (Original is required)
    h. Marriage Certificate where applicable (Original is required)
  4. If the profession is required to be entered in the passport, a letter of proof from the employer and attested copies of educational/professional qualifications certificates indicating the profession of the applicant should be submitted.
  5. Completed photo signature card on form IM35 (B) with two colour photographs glued to the application and an extra photograph should be furnished as specified in the application. Please ensure that the signatures are confined to the cages provided immediately below the photographs.
  6. The certificate regarding the applicant on page 2 as well as the photo signature card (Form IM35 -B) duly completed, should be attested by a Medical Practitioner, Solicitor, Company Director, Notary, Professor of a University or a person of similar status living in the USA.
  7. Children who are below 16 years of age and whose births have been registered with the Embassy will be included in either the father’s or the mother’s passport if a request is made to this effect. The names of children that already appear in the passport of one parent may be deleted and included in the passport of the other parent if so required. Children who are below 16 years of age and whose births have been registered with the Embassy will be included in either the father’s or mother’s passport if a request is made to this effect. Please see separate note on Addition/Deletion of Names of Children.
  8. However, the children below 16 years of age and whose births have been registered with the Embassy can apply for a separate passport.
  9. Please ensure that the applicant’s present passport number is entered and the declaration signed and attested on page 2 of Form “K”.
  10. All other information should be furnished as required in the application Form “K”.


i. This Embassy is not responsible for any document lost in the post.
ii. Submission of forged documents and making false declarations relating to citizenship is a punishable offence. Fees will not be refunded in these circumstances.
iii. Incomplete applications will be returned and consular fees will not be refunded.

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