August 31, 2015 at 10:00 am


Collection of Bio metrics from the Passport Applicants applying through Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions from January 1, 2018

As a part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the integrity of the passport issuance process, the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DIE) has introduced the mandatory collection of biometrics (fingerprint and digital face image) and Automated Fingerprint Identification (AFIS) checks from applicants for Sri Lankan passports from 15th August 2015. The system was initially introduced for applicants applying for passports in Sri Lanka. With the implementation of Phase II of the project, the DIE has now extended the system to those applying for passports through Sri Lanka diplomatic missions.With effect from January 1, 2018, individuals applying for Sri Lankan passports at Sri Lanka diplomatic missions will be required to provide biometric data (fingerprint and digital face image) to the DIE during their first visit to Sri Lanka on the newly obtained passport. The DIE will make the necessary facilities available at the DIE Head Office/ Regional Branches to complete the process in an expedient manner.

1. Application for a Passport (If validity of the current passport expired)

2. Application for a Passport (If the current passport reported lost or damaged)

3. Application for a new passport for children under 16 years old

4. Application for an emergency travel Document (NMRP)

5. Application for change the name in the passport after marriage

6. Application for any other Amendments in passports