New Year Auspicious Times

April 13, 2011 at 10:57 am

Dawn of the New Year

The New Year dawns at 1.01 pm on April 14

Punya Kalaya

Punyakalaya commences on Tuesday, April 14
At 6.37 am and ends at 7.25pm. The first part of the Punyakalaya is allocated for religious ceremonies and the second for traditions. Such as preparing meals, starting work, transactions etc.

Preparing the First Meal

Tusday,  April 14 at 1.06 pm., clad in gold colour, facing North, light the hearth and prepare milk rice from rice mixed with Ghee and Jaggery.

Partaking in the first meal and transactions

Tuesday, April 14 at 3.18 pm. clad in gold colour, facing North. After that money transactions could be done.

Anointing oil and bathing

Wednesday, April 16, 07.41 am, clad in Blue, facing South with Nuga leaves for the head and karanda leaves for the feet

Leaving home for work

Monday, April 18 at 06.28 am clad in pearl colour, facing North

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